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South Fortuna Boulevard in Fortuna, the Friendly City! Enlarge image

The Fortuna Boulevard camera is located at Fortuna Wheel & Brake, just south of where the Boulevard intersects with Newburg Road. The cam is looking to the southeast.

We want to thank Ryan for making available these pictures to share with the world.

Fortuna Wheel & Brake (725-3916) is the place to go for complete brake service, wheels, shocks or other running gear repair and maintenance. Ryan Walters and his crew have many years of experience and can do an excellent job for you. If your vehicle needs service, or if you have a question, give Ryan or Kathy a call!

Fortuna Wheel & Brake has been at this location for many years and the business is a pillar in the community. This location is also the nerve center for the nationally famous Fortuna Redwood AutoXpo event. The best way to experience that awesome paean to steel, chrome and bobby socks is to be here in person; but if you can't, this camera has a front-row seat for the July AutoXpo Cruise.

We have a bunch more cameras for you to check out, and especially visit the River Lodge camera, the only one of its kind on the North Coast. It has many stunning views of the Eel River and the lower delta.

During summer and fall there are many events in Fortuna, so check out our festival schedule! This camera and the one downtown will show the complete Redwood AutoXpo Cruise, which kicks off the AutoXpo Event. Our other cameras will cover other parts of the event.

What an awesome place to live!

Cam caretaker: sunnyfortuna@gmail.com



The FortunaCam and local weather data
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