Downtown Fortuna, the Friendly City!
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The downtown Fortuna camera is located at the intersection of 11th and Main Streets. It keeps an eye on Main Street in both directions, and can also look north on 11th Street. map

The cam is attached to the north side of the building and the view changes when we bring a ladder and reset it.
If the oncoming cars are in the near lane then it's looking west towards the Pacific Ocean. The beach is about seven or eight miles away, and sometimes you will see the fog hanging over the ocean and the beach. The prevailing wind also comes from that direction, so you'll see what kind of weather is generally coming this way. Sometimes there are glorious sunsets.
If the camera is looking east you'll see giant redwood trees looming over the tops of the buildings. Those are in Rohner Park which is a little over a quarter-mile away.

This camera is sponsored by the Fortuna Downtown Merchants Association and is located at the Fortuna Downtown Professional Building at 11th and Main Streets. We've wanted a permanent cam at this location for a long time and really appreciate that the downtown merchants are making this little corner of the world available on the Internet. During the summer and fall this is a happenin' place, check out our festival schedule! Especially come by for the Fortuna Rodeo and Redwood AutoXpo events, at times it'll be wall-to-wall people as far as the cam can see!

We have a couple more cameras for you to check out in Rohner Park,  and especially visit the River Lodge camera. It has stunning views of the Eel River and the lower delta.

What an awesome place to live!

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The FortunaCam and local weather data
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