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Fortuna, the Friendly City!

This camera looks to the south-southwest and is located above the north end of 13th Street. The blue buildings of the Fortuna Union High School are visible on the other end.

This picture will automatically update every minute. We also have a High Definition picture with more detail.

This viewpoint provides us with an excellent image of Fortuna, and in the distance we have a very nice view of the Bear River Ridge and the Wildcat.

The tall cell tower and the City's Corporation Yard are in the right side of this image. You can't quite see the river directly behind them, but you can use the River Lodge cam to see what the Eel River is up to, or check it a bit further downstream with the Fernbridge cam at the Humboldt Creamery.

That flat bluff in the distance and on the left side of this view is home to the Rohnerville Airport, where we have several more cameras. There is also a cam in downtown Fortuna; Main Street is only three blocks from here. Rohner Park is about two blocks to our left. We also have a camera on Fortuna Boulevard.

We wish to thank the provider who has made available this location and the bandwidth so we can we bring this wonderful view of Fortuna and its weather to you!

Cam caretaker: sunnyfortuna@gmail.com