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Live views from the River Lodge webcam

Picture is loading, live from Fortuna's River Lodge!
This camera is on a 15-second preset tour, and it will occasionally present the picture while the camera is still moving or while it has not yet focused correctly. Want a larger image?


The Eel River Delta

From the top of Fortuna's River Lodge, this webcam sends us a new picture every 15 seconds during daylight hours. It has some terrific views of the Eel River Delta, Mt. Pierce, Bear River Ridge, the Wildcat Range, Grizzly Bluff, Riverwalk Drive and parts of Fortuna. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the area it covers.

While you're here, be sure to check out our other cameras. We have one downtown and another on Fortuna Boulevard. You can use these to watch the parades and events and enjoy the festivities on line!

Did you come here hoping to see some giant redwoods?

Contact for this site - sunnyfortuna@gmail.com


What an Awesome Place to Live!

Click me to see me bigger!Recently, while we were adjusting this camera, we watched an osprey bringing home the bacon, er, fish. This bird had a huge wingspan and the fish must have been close to two feet long. She would struggle to gain a few feet of altitude, glide a bit to catch her breath, then claw her way back up again. Disregarding normal protocol, she passed within 15 feet of us. We could hear the sounds that her wings made, beating the air.

We stood in silent awe as we watched her slowly disappear downriver, struggling mightily to bring home a prize meal for the family. What an awesome place to live!

Thanks for visiting us on the net. We hope you're enjoying the little glimpse into this wonderful place we call home. Come visit us for real, we would love to share it with you! Eel River stage at Fernbridge.


What am I looking at?
Click me to see me full size! This panoramic image is not live, but shows what the camera sees as it pans.
Click on the image to see it much larger with descriptions of various areas.

A Community Effort!
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