Fifty Years in Fortuna

A Generation of Images

11th and Main Streets, looking west.

Did you walk by here on your way to school? Maybe you were heading for the candy store.

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Late 1960s.




The 1960's image was a scan of a postcard. The bottom one was taken in May 2003 with a digital camera. It was a challenge to get the picture to look similar since they were taken with different lenses and formats. Having a printout of the scans helped while setting up, but it still till required lots of trial and error shots, moving as much as thirty feet forward and back from our starting point. 
The shoot attracted some attention since we spent nearly an hour at each location with the tripod set up right on the yellow line down the center of Main Street. Most likely the photographer of over 40 years ago did also. And, as in that time, we also chose an early (Saturday) morning so traffic would be light.

See a similar comparison of 9th and Main Streets.

See a similar comparison at 13th and Main Streets. This one includes a picture from the 1920s.  



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