Finding Fortuna's Street Names

The Many Street Names of Early Fortuna

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What streets used to be named, bold indicates its current name:

6th Street was called Spring Street, and this is where the offices for the Springville Mill were located. The mill was later renamed as the Humboldt Milling Company. (There is another Spring Street in Fortuna today, it runs parallel to Fortuna Boulevard south of Newburg Road. That area was informally called Mill Town because of the nearby Cunningham-Quigley Lumber Mill, which later became the Pacific Lumber Company mill in Fortuna). 

7th Street was called North Market on the north side of Main Street and South Market on the south side of Main. It was also called 1st Street.

8th Street used to be known as Grand Avenue (the tonier part of early Fortuna), and as 2nd Street.

9th Street was called Hall Street, probably because of the meeting hall building, which is now Low's Furniture Store, and as 3rd Street.

10th Street was called Redwood Street, also 4th Street.

11th Street used to be known as 2nd Street and later as 5th Street.

12th Street has had a bunch of names - on the north side of Main Street it was a single-lane alley known as 1st Street. South of Main it was called Sandy Prairie Road. It was also known as 6th Street. After Fortuna's River Lodge was built, the section of 12th Street south of Highway 101 was renamed Riverwalk Drive. Sandy Prairie Road still exists between Fortuna's Drake Hill Road and the Alton area.

13th Street was called Underwood Street, also 7th Street.

14th Street was called East Street and also 8th Street.

15th Street was called Haight and also 9th Street. When Henry Rohner (ref) retired in Fortuna he built his awesome house on the north side of Main Street at this intersection.

16th Street was called 10th Street.

Eel River Drive and Fortuna Boulevard and Main Street were parts of the Redwood Highway as it progressed through Humboldt County. 

K Street was called Willow Street. For a while the part near the Depot was called A Street. This is not the same as today's Willow Drive off Fortuna Boulevard.

L Street has been called Rohner Street, Myrtle Street, then B Street.

Main Street (M Street) was also called C Street for a while, and the County and State name was the Redwood Highway.

N Street was called Carl Street west of 9th Street, and Pine street east of 9th Street, and the entire thing was also called D Street.

There used to be a May Street, it was a one-block street that ran south off Main where the Chevron Station's west side parking lot is today.

O Street was called Annie Street to the west of 9th Street, and called Mill Street on the east side of 9th Street. For a while they were both known as E Street.

P Street was named John Street, also Park Street. Today Park Street is the main street in Rohner Park.

Fortuna Boulevard was called 17th Street for a while.


limits of Fortuna in 1900, population was about 700 people.

City limits of Fortuna in 1900, population was about 700 people.


1889 - 600 population
1900 - 700
1910 - 880
1920 - 990
1930 - 1,240
1940 - 1,410
1950 - 1,760
1960 - 3,520
1970 - 4,200
1980 - 7,540
1990 - 8,790
2000 - 10,490
2005 - 11,130 estimated
2010 - 12,560 estimated
2020 - 15,000 estimated



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